Workshop on November 27th 2010
(Saturday 13:30 - 18:00 at Meiji University, Tokyo)

Speaker: Katsushi Yamaguchi
Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School of Commerce, Waseda University
"Improving Working Conditions at Suppliers' Factories Overseas: a Research in Asia"
Commentator: Satomi KATO
Associate Professor of Management, Asahi University, Graduate School of Business

Speaker: Yu Byoung-Sub
Ph.D. Candidate, International Business Management
J.F. Oberlin University, Graduate School
"Human Resource Management of a Global Company: Comparing Motivation at Samsung Electronics and Google Korea"
Commentator: Masoyoshi Shinozaki
President and Representative Director, Global HR Management Consultant,
J&G HR Advisory Ltd.

Speaker: Kenichiro Araki
Ph D candidate, Kobe University, Graduate School of Business Administration
"Narrative Study of Cross-cultural Interactions in Japan"
Commentator: Takeshi Fujisawa, Professor of International Marketing, School of Business Administration, Kwansei University

Special Session
Guest Speaker: Christina Ahmadjian
Professor of International Business Strategy, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS), Hitotsubashi University
"Global Leadership"

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