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Current position:

President, Transcultural Management Society
Professor Emeritus, J. F. Oberlin University
Director, Member of Audit and Supervisory Committee, AXA Holdings Japan Co., Ltd.
Director, DAIHEN Corporation

Professional Experience

2023Professor Emeritus, J.F. Oberlin University (Present post)
2022Advisor, YKK CORPORATION (Present post)
Director, PC DEPOT Corporation
2021Director, DAIHEN Corporation (Present post)
2019Director, Member of Audit and Supervisory Committee,
AXA Holdings Japan Co., Ltd. (Present post)
Vice President and Professor, J.F. Oberlin University
2018Director, Member of Nomination, Compensation and Audit Committees, AXA Life Insurance, Co., Ltd.
2016Director, Member of Nomination Committee, AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
2014Member, Science Council of Japan
2014Director, Member of Nomination and Audit Committees, Hitachi Transport System, Ltd.
2007Commissioner of Labor Relations Board, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
2007Visiting Professor, Tsukuba University
2003President, Transcultural Management Society (Present post)
2002Professor, J.F. Oberlin University
2001Professor, Tokyo Junshin Women's College
2000NHK Radio host (~2007)
1996Associate professor, Tokyo Junshin Women's College
1991Lecturer, Sophia University
1989President, Interlink Co., Ltd.


The White Collar Re-Styling (1995)
Foreigners in Japanese Corporations (1996)
Transcultural Management: Theories, Empirical Studies and a New Horizon (2000)
(the Ansoff Award for 2000)
Diversity and Transcultural Management (2011)
Wave (Jazz Vocal CD) (2017)

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