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Professor, College of Business and Public Administration, Graduate School of International Studies, Obirin University, Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Emiko Magoshi is Professor at Obirin University in the College of Business and Public Administration and in the Graduate School of International Studies.

She also serves as President of the Transcultural Management Society and Director of the Japan Strategic Management Society as well as the Japan Academy of International Business Studies..

Dr. Magoshi has also been President of InterLink Corporation since 1989.

From 1992-95, she was a member of the working group on the globalization of the labor market and its social and economic impact at the Japan Institute of Labor.

From 1991-96, she served as a lecturer at Sophia University and from 1996 - 2001, as an associate professor and from 2001- 2002 as professor at Tokyo Junshin Women's College.

She was also a member of the Suginami Municipal Council on the Visions for the 21st Century.

She is the author of several works, including The White Collar Re-Styling, Foreigners in Japanese Corporations, Heartfelt Management for Equidistant Companies, as well as Transcultural Management: Theories, Empirical Studies and a New Horizon for which she received the Ansoff Award for 2000.

She also hosted an NHK radio program on Business English from 2001 to 2003. She published a CD book based on the radio program in September 2003 and it became the best seller in the language section in some of the major bookstores in Tokyo.

She writes regularly in journals and magazines and gives lectures to Japanese and overseas business executives.

Dr. Magoshi graduated from Sophia University with a major in French and a minor in International Relations.

She received a Master's degree in Economics from Keio University, completed the Doctoral course in Economics at Keio University and received a Doctorate in International Management from the University of East Asia.

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