Workshop on July21, 2012
(Saturday 13:30-18:00) at Meiji University , Tokyo

Speaker: Weiwei Ji, Doctoral Student, Graduate School of Business Administration, Ritsumeikan University
"A Comparative Analysis on International Managers in China: a Trans-Cultural Management Perspective"
Commentator: Takuya Hayashi, Associate Professor, College of Business Management, J. F. Oberlin University

Speaker: Yoshiteru Okamoto, Researcher, Utsunomiya University CMPS in the Faculty of International Studies(Center for Multicultural Sphere)
"The reasons why the Japanese companies have not been successful in their R&D transfer overseas: the empirical studies of the Japanese companies in Malaysia"
Commentator: Hideo Ueki, Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Tokyo Keizai University

Speaker: Yoshio Matsui, Manager, Innovation Office, Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Kunio Tadokoro, Professor, MBA programme at HABS validated and awarded by University of Wales
"Developing One Global Team"
Commentator: Norio Gomi, Visiting Lecturer, Graduate School of International Business, Shukutoku University

Special Session
Guest Speaker:Koji Chino, Movie director
"Myanmar learned from a film-making"

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