Workshop on July 20th, 2013 (Saturday 13:30-18-00 at Meiji University, Tokyo)

Speaker: Koji Hizaka, Associate Professor, College of Business Management, J. F. Oberlin University
"The Status Report of the Education System and the Management Strategy of NPO in Thailand"
*Commentator: Motoko Nagao, Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Takushoku University

Speaker: Toshihiro Mizuno, General Manager, Corporate Planning, Brooks Brothers Japan, Ltd.
"LCC of Today and Future in the Global World: LCC in JAL and ANA's Strategies"
*Commentator: Hiroji Tanaka, Professor Emeritus. Tokyo College of Transport Studies

<Special Session>
Guest Speaker: Hidetoshi Fujisawa, Managing Director, News Commentators Bureau, Japan Broadcasting Corporation
"Globalization from the Perspectives of News Media"

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