Conference on July 12, 2014 (Saturday 13:30-18-00 at Meiji University, Tokyo)

MC : Tomoyasu Kimura, Professor, Department of English and Contemporary Society, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies (NUFS)

Speaker : Akihito Toda, Researcher, Recruit Works Institute
Management of local employees at the oversea corporates -- An example in India
*Commentator : Yoshinobu Nakamura, Advisor, Panasonic Excel International Co., Ltd.

Speaker : Tsuyoshi Kida, Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Global Education in Graduate Schools in Japan, University of Tsukuba
Case of the Global Negotiation Program (GNP) at the University of Tsukuba
*Commentator : Jun Onishi, Professor, Division of Economics and Business Administration, International College of Arts and Science, Yokohama City University

Speaker : Hidemitsu Sasaya, Manager, ITO EN, Ltd.
Transcultural Management by Triple"S", CSR / CSV / ESD
*Commentator: Yoshiharu Kuwana, Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, J. F. Oberlin University

Special Session
Guest Speaker : Masahiko Sudo, Attorney at Law, Former Justice, The Supreme Court, Supreme Court Of Japan
Inheritances and Conflicts of Transcultural Management and Corporate Governance--Thoughts of A Lawyer

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