Conference on November 8, 2014 (Saturday 13:30-18-00 at Meiji University, Tokyo)

MC : Hideko SAKURAI, Professor, Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University

Speaker: Cheng, An-chun (Contract Researcher / Institute of Business Research, Hakuoh University)
Foreign Workers and Diversity in Japan
*Commentator: Satomi Kato, Professor, Department of Business Administration, Aichi Institute of Technology,

Speaker: Hiroyoshi Hiratsuka, Faculty coordinator, Strategic Management and Intellectual Property Rights Program (SMIPRP), Graduate School of Business, Aoyama Gakuin University
Managing Student Diversity in a Strategic Management Education Program at a Graduate School.
*Commentator: Chitose FURUKAWA, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Aichi University

Speaker: Lee Yanghee, Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of East Asia
Inbound Tourism Promotion Strategy and Problems in Rural Areas
*Commentator: Yasuro Uchida, Professor, Faculty of Ecnomics, University of Toyama

Special Session
Guest Speaker: Fujisaki Ichiro, President, The America-Japan Society, Former Japanese Ambassador to the United States
Analyzing the International Situation

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