Conference on March 19, 2016 (Saturday 13:30-18:00 at Rissho University, Tokyo)

Conference on March 19, 2016 (Saturday 13:30-18:00 at Rissho University, Tokyo)

Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Kanagawa University

Speaker : HAN Samtaek, Doctoral Programs student, Aichi Institute of Technology Graduate School of Business Administration and Computer Science Doctoral Programs
"Two Key Concepts of Japan Innovation"
*Commentator : Jun NAKAMURA, Professor, Graduate School of Innovation Management, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

Speaker : Satoe KUREHARA, Researcher, Centre for Research on 21st Century Society
Osaka University of Economics and Law
"Research the trend of globalization for Japan's IT enterprises The global human resource development of middle level's IT engineers –"
*Commentator : Satomi KATO, Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Aichi Institute of Technology

Speaker : Yi ZHU, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba
"Employee motivation in a cross-cultural setting: Implications from anthropological study on management"
*Commentator Atsushi YASHIRO, Professor, Faculty of Business and Commerce, KeioUniversity

Speaker : Tadashi HANAMI, Professor Emeritus, Sophia University.
Transcultural Reexamination of the "evaluation of history"
*Commentator : Hiroo TAKAHASHI, Professor Emeritus, Hakuho University

Guest Speaker : Kenzo NONAMI, Professor, Chiba University and CEO, Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory Ltd.
"The evolution of drone technology and industrial revolution in the sky"

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