Workshop on March 11, 2006 (Saturday 13:00 - 17:30 at Rikkyo University, Tokyo)

  • Speaker: Hirohisa NAGAI
    Professor of Organizational Behavior, Graduate School of Business Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Tokyo
    "Global Leadership Competency - Development and Implications-"
    • Commentator: Steve HOFFMAN
      Manager, International Human Resources, Sony Corporation
  • Speaker: Nicole WATANABE
    Director, International Marketing and Sales - Japan, Japan Intercultural Consulting
    "What Do Japanese Workers Want To Know About Intercultural Communication?
    -An Analysis of Nikkei vs. Gaishi-kei Kigyo Employees-"
  • Speaker: Toyohiro MATSUDA
    Manager, Global HR Team, HRD Center, Mitsubishi Corporation
    "The Pursuit of a Global Human Resource Development System - A Japanese Viewpoint"
    • Commentator: Hisato NAKAMURA, 
      Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Toyo University

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