Conference on November 28, 2020(Sunday 10:00-18:30)

Online Conference on November 28, 2020(Sunday 10:00-18:30)
MC: ARAI, Masashi
Associate Professor, Faculty of International Relations, Asia University

Speaker : OGANE, Aki
Master's student, University of Tokyo Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology Cultural Resources Studies
"Private Donations for Non-profit Orchestras and Performing Arts Organizations in Japan: How should it be programmed and operated?"
Commentator : IKEGAMI, Jusuke
Professor, School of Commerce, Waseda University

Speaker : MARUYAMA, Sachiko
Global Women's Association, Representative director
"Global Human Resource Development Utilizing the Overseas Japanese Network"
Commentator : SUDA, Toshiko
Professor, Graduate School of International Management,
Aoyama Gakuin University

Speaker : TANEMURA, Takashi
AIG Japan Holdings
Corporate Officer, Chief Auditor
"Commonality in management style of European insurers and its comparison with those of Japanese and U.S. Insurers, based on my work experience."
Commentator : YASHIRO, Atsushi
Professor, Faculty of Business and Commerce,
Keio University

Speaker : SASAYA, Hidemitsu
Visiting Professor, The Graduate School of Information & Communication
"A Study on Cross-Cultural Management Using SDGs"
Commentator : ONO, Toyokazu
Former Professor, Department of Business Management,
School of Business Studies, Tokai University

Speaker : Cheng, An-chun
Center for the Multicultural Public Sphere, Utsunomiya University
"Issues on the Acceptance of Care-giving Foreign Workers in Taiwan: A Focus on the Problem of "Missing" workers in the Changing Labor Market"
Commentator : KATO, Satomi
Professor, Faculty of Business Administration,
Aichi Technology University

Speaker : NAKAGAWA Yukiko
Specially Appointed Professor, Rikkyo University, Business School
"Global Human Resource Management at HUAWEI - A Chinese Multinational Corporation Operating in 176 Countries"
Commentator : IKAWA, Motomichi
Senior Associate, JCMS

Speaker : HIRAMI, Naotaka
Office of Academic Research and Industry-Government Collaboration,
Professor (Special Appointment)
"Management characteristics for the survival of calligraphy brush (fude) industry in Japan
- An analogy with the shawl (rebozo) industry in Mexico - "
Commentator : FURUKAWA, Chitose
Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration,
Aichi University

Speaker : HIRABAYASHI, Nobutaka
Professor, Faculty of International Management, Kyoei University
"A study on personality trait extraction considering learner's ego state and development of English learning service adapted to personality traits using ACL"
Commentator : NAGAO, Motoko
Professor, Faculty of Commerce,
Takushoku University

Guest Speaker : NAKATANI, Yasuo
Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO, Hitachi Transport System, Ltd.
"Toward new dimensions – LOGISTEED of Hitachi Transport System"

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