Workshop on November 29, 2008
(Saturday 13:30 - 18:00 at Meiji University, Tokyo)

Speaker: Zhang Hu
Doctoral Student, Chuo University
"Large Shareholders/owners and Foreign Investors in Korean Companies"
Commentator: Mutsumi Sakai
Professor of Finance, J. F. Oberlin University

Speaker: Shigekatsu Yamauchi
President, International Communication Institute
"Japanese Culture Woven in the Language: An Insight into Japanese Mindsets as Compared with English"
Commentator: Yukiko Adachi
Former Professor & Director of the Library
Tokyo Fuji University

Speaker: Jun Onishi
Professor & Deputy Director
International Exchange Center
Hirosaki University
"Cross-cultural Conflict and National Culture: A Case of Japanese Manufacturers in Thailand"
Commentator: Ken-ichi Hirasawa
Professor, Department of Management and Design
Junior College of Aizu

Special Guest Speaker: Shinichiro Watari
CEO, Corns and Company Ltd.
"Living and Doing Business in the Multicultural World"

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