Workshop on July 23th 2011
(Saturday 13:30 - 18:00 at Meiji University, Tokyo)

Chair: Toyokazu Ono, Professor, School of Political Science and Economics, Tokai University
Speaker: Kenji Nagasato, Ph. D. Candidate, Graduate School of Innovation Management, Tokyo Institute of Technology
"Global Industry Activities for Chemical Substance Regulations-Comparison of Europe, the United States and Japan "
Commentator: Hideo Oshima, Managing Director, Oshima Management Institute

Speaker: Satoshi Okumura, Director of SDLS Online English Communication Program

"A Report of Philippine Study Tour: An Effect of Fostering International Human Resources through Cross-cultural Study in Developing Countries in Asia.

Commentator: Norihito Furuya, Visiting Professor of University of Missouri St.Louis./CEO, The Institute of Global Business

Speaker: Keikoh Ryu, Visiting Research Fellow, Institute of Public Policy, Waseda University
"Social Construction of Japanese Corporations in the Harmonious Society of China"
Commentator: Tetsuo Saito, Professor, Rikkyo University, Graduate School of Social Design Studies

Special Session
Guest Speaker: Toyoo Gyohten, President, Institute for International Monetary Affairs
"Globalization and Power Shift"

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